Frequently Asked Questions

Who is TUCK3R Creative Group?
TCG is a collection of passionate artists and communication strategists from Orange County, California, that aims to see all its clients flourish online—from non-profit groups to for-profit companies. We are at our best when helping others develop a clear and compelling vision for their organization's online brand identity.

How do I know whether it's time to update my site?
Most tech companies and agencies that rely heavily on digital interaction do ground-up redesigns every 2 or 3 years, but many other organizations can get by with an overhaul every 5-7 years assuming they have done some revisions along the way to stay current. TCG can help assess how much work needs to be done immediately, and what options can wait until later.

View our Development Plans for website options and pricing.

What do you use to make the website?
We use Squarespace, an award-winning web-based design software that is both powerful and flexible.

How long will a new website take to develop?
It depends on the complexity of the site you wish to have built. Do you want to redesign your entire site or simply give your current content a facelift? Simpler projects have been completed in as little as a month, with large-scale redesigns involving content creation, brand restyle, and communication strategizing generally wrapping up 2-4 months after initial consultation.

How does the development process work?
Like most things relating to your company, the process starts with a clearly-defined sense of what your company is about, and what you need your marketing/communication outlets (of which your website is one) to do. Once you have discerned what your website is for (an online company profile, a place to share vision and interact with your community, a point-of-sale, etc.) and have selected a TCG Development Plan, we'll hold an initial consultation with relevant members of your organization.

In that meeting we'll set timelines for rolling out various components of the build, and in the weeks following we'll connect with you regularly to update you on the build and ask for the various elements of each rollout. And then, when it's all said and done, you go live with your new site!

What if I need to update my website later, or need technical support?
We've got you covered. We offer a lineup of additional services to keep you up-to-date, from webmaster services to providing attractive photos, videos, graphics, etc. The first step is to select a development plan below.

What does it cost?
Most other website development companies charge between $5,000 (for landing pages or extremely simple sites) and $40,000 (for complete overhauls). Because we do most of our work with non-profits and small businesses, TCG aims to keep its rates as low as possible without sacrificing service or quality. View the TCG Development Plans

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